Yamaha CFX

275 cm dlouhé koncertní křídlo CFX charakterizují silné basy, široká paleta tónových barev a schopnost vytvořit i ten nejjemnější hudební výraz. Zvuk je velmi bohatý, avšak stále zřetelný a čistý ve všech registrech a je dobře slyšet i za doprovodu symfonického orchestru, dokonce i ve velkých koncertních sálech. Model CFX je vlajkovou lodí Yamahy a představuje nový milník v historii výroby akustických klavírů.

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Piano Casing

The shape, thickness, and even manufacturing process of the back beam and posts were changed, and the one-piece inner/outer rim is also made using a newly developed process. The result is a deep rich sound with outstanding tonal projection that can fill the concert hall.

Ribs & Soundboard

Only the most carefully selected European spruce is used for the soundboard. A new method for attaching the ribs to the soundboard helps free it from stress, adding rich overtones to the sound for a wide range of expressive tonal colors.

Metal Frame

The frames are individually hand molded and sand cast to enhance the strength and stability of the pianos. This contributes to the outstanding tonal character and sustain of the series. The CF6 and CF4 feature an open pin block design which improves both the attack and sustain of the notes.


The hammers have a big affect on the tonal clarity and character, and also help determine how the sound projects and sustains. Yamaha uses the best possible materials and treatments for optimum performance despite possible changes in temperature and humidity.

Piano Wire

All aspects of the piano wire have been researched―from the wave patterns of various harmonics to the way it reacts when struck by the hammers. Both materials and manufacturing methods are very important, and Yamaha's bass strings are hand wound by skilled craftspeople.


The pianos of the CF Series share a beautiful silhouette which mirrors the elegance and purity of their sound. Unnecessary ornamentation has been eliminated in favor of a sleek modern design throughout. The pianos look as good as they sound.


The wood of the CF Series is smoothed numerous times, gradually changing the grade of the sandpaper. And the finish is applied one layer at a time with meticulous buffing in between. The result is a rich black appearance of unusual beauty.

Pedal Lyre

The modern style of the pedal lyre matches the simplicity of the legs, yet is more durable and stronger than on any previous models.

Lid Finish

To prevent reflected glare in the eyes of orchestral musicians the CFX has a matte finish on the lid. 


The white keys are of a newly developed "Ivorite" material that both looks and feels like natural ivory for a comfortable touch. The black keys are made of carefully selected high-grade ebony.


Délka 275 cm
Výška 103 cm
Šířka 160 cm
Hmotnost 491 kg
Počet kláves 88
Pedály 3


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